Cornelius Von Schmeckeldreck


…”in the aftermath of his controversial paper titled ‘Reflections On the Long-Toed Salamander’s Alimentary System‘ Cornelius shied away from the local scientific community and resorted to reclusive experimentations on crustaceans. He was always torn between his birthright stature and his passion for science and found true solace solely in the stillness of his laboratory amidst fumes of sulphur and radon. His existence bared no impact on the Schmeckeldreckian dynasty, nor did it on the scientific world for that matter. Only one sentence is devoted to him in the Dudelkopfian scientific almanac XIIVII summarising his lifetime achievements as ‘Jejunely Archaic’“


(The Schmeckeldreck Chronicles)



  1. Rachel

    I think you are the next Gary Larson or Edward Monkton, only soooo much further sideways.

  2. arona

    id love to know more about the schmeckeldreck
    i love him and i am very interested in his future and what will come of him…
    i worry like a mother
    and have to have more information about his life
    love eema

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