Kaiser Von Scmeckeldreck VII


“… There was a time when the Schmeckeldrecks ruled the earth and harmony prevailed in the vast green valleys of  Dudelkopf. This was all about to change with the coronation of the 7th Kaiser. A ruthless and squeaky being, Kaiser von Schmeckeldreck had a peculiar obsession with feathered hats and miniature dogs… He was not easy to amuse…”

(The Schmeckeldreck Chronicles)



  1. THe schmekeldrecks look really schmuddelig

  2. arona

    hi the slave of the kaiser shmekeldrecker
    lets see how you change the world
    love you eema

  3. Adi Piltz

    LoveIt! LoveIt! LoveIt!
    Keep ’em coming…
    This is one of my favorites! Keep the originals.
    Love – your Israeli cuz

  4. limi

    ….are they related to the booshkadooshes of smishmish grove in any way?….

    • of course! but the relationship isn’t that strong since that famous incident. you know, the one with the apple strudel and grandpa gruschnik. it was all very ‘smooshdiggeresque’…

  5. MelSchmel

    Don’t know which I like best… the kaiser doodle or Limi’s response!!

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